Personalization is a must in digital marketing. This is where you get the opportunity to create a link between your customer and your brand, giving them a specific, customized purpose and experience. The best way to do this? Get to know the customer first. Then, use that information to create an experience that benefits them and your brand. Here are six tips to help personalize your marketing efforts.

Identify and/or construct buyer personas.

Who is your ideal buyer? You need to identify:

  • Buyer demographics
  • Media/online usage, including social media, TV, and magazines, etc.
  • Customer lifestyle
  • The customer needs that your brand can fulfill
  • Customer objections, and how you can overcome them
  • Use geolocation tools.

Today’s mobile customer wants a highly-personalized online experience and many of them also want relevant local results in their searches. Using geolocation allows you to target a user’s IP address and eliminate excess data so that you can better target what your customer needs and provide it locally, if possible.

Implement dynamic (smart) content.

Smart content gets people’s attention because it is personalized. Use pre-filled forms, custom content and customer names to draw their focus and make them feel important.

Develop triggered content based on user activity.

You can use previous buyer activity to offer triggered content, including discounts, rewards, and educational materials related to previous purchases. This surprises customers with an ongoing personalized experience long after their purchase.

Put remarketing ads to use.

Some customers will leave your website before making a purchase. Remarketing ads allow you to reach out to previous visitors through their most frequently visited sites, which are documented with a tracking code.

Use forms and tracking tools.

Use a simple form field to gather as much information with as little effort on the part of the customer as possible. Don’t overwhelm them. Just ask a few pointed questions to find out how you can personalize their experience.

These tips should make it easy for you to personalize the online experience for every customer that can benefit from your products or services. The personal touch can often make or break your success in online marketing.