It is important for businesses- both large and small- to identify their target markets, that is, the group of customers that your product or service is aimed at. Figuring out who the target market is will allow you to streamline your marketing campaigns and convert casual visitors to your site or location into loyal patrons.

But, how do you identify your target markets?

First, you analyze.

Take the time and effort to look closely and analyze what group of consumers would benefit from the product or service that you offer. What is compelling about it? Try to establish if and who the market is for this item or provision.

Second, compare.

Compare with your rivals to see who they are targeting as their consumer audience. Is there some demographic that they are missing? For instance, if a company sells baby apparel and targets new moms and dads, might it be prudent to target seniors that may be buying gifts for grandchildren? These are the types of audiences to consider.

Choose your criteria.

The criteria for your target market can be based on a variety of factors; it may be age or relation, as in the previous example. It could be based on where individuals live or even how they live.

Conduct market research. 

Once you have narrowed down your market, dig a bit deeper with market research. Market research may help shed light on how often an average consumer would use your product or utilize your service; it may also establish what consumers are willing to pay for a specific brand. This is all helpful information as you move forward in marketing your product to the public.

Measure the results.

Your results mean nothing if you have no way of measuring them. When deciding on the best campaigns to promote what you sell, pick a strategy that offers a way of measuring whether it is successful and improved revenues or not. A marketing professional can shed more light on some ways to measure your campaign results efficiently. 

Do you know who your target market is? Marketing professionals will be able to help you figure out and pinpoint your target markets so that your efforts and campaigns have more efficacy, leading to improved revenues from your product or service. Consider enlisting professional assistance to develop successful marketing campaigns targeting your consumer audience.