It is essential for agents to have a social media strategy that can help create new business opportunities. While you may have a Facebook Business page, you will have to do more to market your services and yourself to your social media audience.

Here are some online marketing tips for promoting your team and services, as well as generate opportunities through increased engagement and conversions.

  • Create engagement with your audience: Although likes are great, you should also strive to create likes, shares, and link clicks that ensure increased engagement. This not only helps to maximize social marketing but also helps gain more followers and attract new clients. In addition to a call-to-action that encourages readers to comment or share posts, you should also create landing pages that increase customers’ acting.
  • Market your team’s services: When marketing listings, agents should ensure that they market the actual services they provide. In order to be sure you do not miss this huge opportunity, you can use a graphic editor that will help you create quality images that market the exclusive services your team offers. You should also include your photo and logo.
  • Like as your page: Liking other people’s pages and commenting on their posts as your business post will also help you promote your business and services. As much as you will be supporting other businesses, doing it as your page name will ensure you appear all over Facebook. This will go a long way in increasing your brand awareness.
  • Change the template of your Facebook to “Services”: Many people set their template selection to “Business.” Choosing the services template will allow you to list the services you offer, provide a summary of the services and include a graphic.
  • Market and boost an ad for your open houses: You can also consider creating an ad for your next open house then market it to potential buyers on social platforms. In addition, you should think about spending some money on driving more traffic to the open.

Implementing these strategies can result in increased listing leads, appointments, and actual listings. In this way, you can create more business opportunities for a considerable period of time.